Karen ”Kaya” Jackson is a self taught designer and creator of the amazing handmade jewelry line, Ambiguous Jewelry. Born and raised in London, Kaya’s mother instilled the principals of kindness, discipline and determination into her at a young age, pushing her to grasp all that life has to offer. With jewelry as a second passion, Kaya did not take her designing seriously until one day Patricia Fields stopped her and asked her to design a line for her. Ambiguous Jewelry takes the concept of jewelry beyond boundaries set by European and American ideas and incorporates African influences into to the unique collections. Kaya has taken jewelry back to the genuine idea of adornments; featuring beaded headpieces, earrings long enough to rest on your breasts, exotic leathers and some of the most exciting metal work seen in a while. This jewelry is not for the meek, it is truly wearable art!